Rio De Janeiro

The CCBI- Rio de Janeiro branch is an important part of the national CCBI system. CCBI-RJ works together with Brazilian firms interested in establishing business ties with India and with Indian firms interested in entering the Brazilian market.

Areas of particular prominence in Rio de Janeiro include oil and gas, IT/BPO and call centers, the pharmaceutical industry, energy, mining, sales, transport, entertainment and media, and the import and export of products for the Brazilian market.

Having been selected to headquarter the 2014 World Cup finals and the 2016 Olympics, Rio is undergoing a series of new projects to improve its infrastructure, such as the expansion of highways, metro lines and ports.

The “Rio de Janeiro” branch of the Brazil-India Chamber of Commerce (CCBI-RJ) was officially inaugurated on September 14th, 2009, in the FIRJAN (the Rio de Janeiro State Federation of Industries) conference room. The event was attended by a number of prominent politicians and businesspeople, including J.K. Tripathy, the Indian General Consul to Brazil, Carlos Gross, the Special Secretary of International Development for the City of Rio de Janeiro, and representatives from major Indian oil, gas and IT/BPO companies.


Brazil-India Chamber of Commerce – Rio de Janeiro (CCBI-RJ)
Rua do Carmo 11, 7º andar
CEP: 20011-020
Rio de Janeiro, RJ – Brazil

TEL (55)21-2221-4603
FAX (55)21-2531-1848



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