The Project

The objective of this project is to expand participation of Brazilian services and products in the Indian market, supporting and expanding commercial opportunities for Brazilian businesses.

This objective will be achieved through the establishment of a commercial bridge between the two countries to consolidate the presence of the Brazilian sectors that already have developed business relationships with Indian businesses and allow market access to other Brazilian sectors.

The first project will be be aimed at numerous sectors, with a focus on the following areas:

Food, Beverages and Agribusiness

• Juice
• Coffee
• Pork
• Chocolates, candies and confections
• Flour for animals

Machines and Equipment

• Electronics
• Precision Instruments
• Machines and Motors
• Chemical Products
• Vehicles and Vehicle Parts

Home and Construction

• Wood and Cork
• Non-ferrous Metals
• Metallurgical Products
• Ceramic Products

All of these actions will therefore focus on these sectors, taking into consideration the resources and opportunities in each Indian region where activities will be realized.

The project will function through participation in Sensitivity Seminars in India, Buyer and Image Projects, Entrepreneurial Missions, participation in Fairs in India, Sensitivity Seminars in Brazil, as well as a specific event for the bio-combustible sector.


Target Markets

India is often described as a continent. This description is fitting not only for its size, but primarily because of the cultural differences that exist among its regions. The racial diversity influenced the lifestyle patterns and cultures of its regions, and as a result its states. We therefore treat each region/state that our missions target in an isolated and unique manner. Among the 29 Indian states those that currently present the largest business potential to Brazilian firms are:


Capital: Mumbai

Area: 307.713 km²

Population: 96,75 million

Literacy Rate: 77,27%


Capital: Bangalore

Area: 191.791 km²

Population: 52,85 million

Literacy Rate: 67,04%

Tamil Nadu

Capital: Chennai

Area: 130.058 km²

Population: 62,41 million

Literacy Rate: 73,47%

National Capital Territory of Delhi

Capital: Delhi

Area: 1.482 km²

Population: 16 million

Literacy Rate: 81 %



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